Manipulation and Accompaniment of Algorithmically Generated Source Material - Volume 1 : In Pursuit of​.​.​.

by Modern American Village Music

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This album uses an original algorithm created in Pure Data Extended to trigger software instruments of piano, bass, and drums in Propellerhead's Reason. The result is then further processed and tweaked with audio FX and waveform editing. Lastly, an original Reason Combinator patch was created (each track variation has its own unique patch) and preformed live and recorded in a single take to complement and emphasize the preexisting audio. All 5 variations utilize the same Pure Data Extended algorithm which has built-in randomizers for variation. So while each variation follows the same basic form and accesses the same melodies/patterns/sound blocks, it will never play the piece exactly the same way twice.

These tracks are treated as études (studies). The goal was to create an algorithm that mimics live jazz musicians improvising, not an ambient or atmospheric sound collage. My approach was to treat the algorithmic parts as if I was working with a session musician or soloist. For this project that meant to create music with an acceptable balance of independence and synchronization while offering intriguing music events in the style of free or acid jazz. While the algorithm creates the majority of the audio I did not want it to generate the entire experience since initial test attempts seemed to lack a perceivable musical attitude or soul. For this reason I preformed live electronics coming up with parts reacting to what I was listening to and using my intuition. "In Pursuit of..." is about the excitement of exploration and following your curiosity.


released January 6, 2016

All music by Bobby Kostlan.



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